We will have a limited schedule next week Thursday through Sunday as the majority of our staff is out of town for Regionals.  We will publish the schedule as the date draws near so please check the blog for schedule updates.

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday (5/14): 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 4:30PM

Friday (5/15): 4:30PM

Saturday (5/16): 9AM, 10AM

Sunday (5/17): Closed


A. Build to H2 OHS (2 sec pause on rep 2) or H1 Snatch


B1. Snatch Grip DL w/ pause above knee 4×4

B2. Sorensen hold: target 2:00 unloaded or (10# for 1:00+) 4 reps


C. In teams of 2/3 (1PW):


200 DU


50 Pistols or Goblet Squats

50 Strict 2-arm DB Presses (50/30)

100 DU


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