A. OTM [15]: Full Clean x 1.  Build to H1.

B1. In teams of 4-6: OTM [10] 1 min Strict Pullups or Strict MU (1PW)

B2. In teams of 4-6: OTM [10] 1 min Pushups (2PW – pairs must change together.  When working pair changes new pair must start working.  Total count is based on athlete who performed fewer reps)

C. In teams of 4-6: Set up 2 pairs of p-bars.  Attempt the following: Max “unbroken” L sit time.  L-sit timer continues as long as one person is in an L-sit.  The entire unbroken time is over if at any point someone is not in an L-sit (out of the two stations). Cap of 2 minutes per athlete (12 min cap if 6 on a team).

D. AMRAP [8]

2-arm KB-farmers carry: length of gym x 2 (2 x 53 / 2 x 35)

Burpee Broad Jump: length of gym x 1

HS Walk or Bear Crawl or Walking Lunge: length of gym x 1


E. Extra: Clean Pull 7×3 @ 105% Clean 1RM


05 19 15