A. OTM [12]: Build to Snatch (H1).  Skip 1-2 minutes if needed.

B1. RDL (pause right below knee) 5×7

B2. Hollow hold to V-up: 5×10

C. FT:
7-5-3-1 of Cleans (205/143)

6-12-18-24: Dips (from high rings)- Kipping allowed

Extra: Snatch DL: 3×3 @ 110% Snatch 1RM, then Snatch Pull 3×2 @ 110% 1RM.



A. OTM [12]: 10 R-KBS or snatch Px.

B1. RDL (pause right below knee) 5×7

B2. Hollow Rock 5×10

C. FT:

21-15-9-3: FS (135/95)

6-12-18-24: Strict Pushup


There will be an advanced screening for the movie “Spy”  on May 28th 7:30PM at Southpoint Cinemas in Durham.  and we have free tickets to the screening.  Follow this link to get your pass.  Use code “CrossFitRTP”.


Memorial Day Weekend hours:

Sat: Normal hours

Sun: Normal hours

Mon: 9AM, 10AM.  All other classes cancelled.

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