A. 5 RFT:

[2-arm farmers carry (70×2/53×2) Gym Length x 2

*Walking Lunge GL x 1 (45/35)

*Reverse W-Lunge GL x 1 (45/35)]


B. (without rest) Row 2K

Record total time for A and time for 2K.


C. [10] Kip Swing practice: Bar or rings


D. 4 Rds:

5 DL or Snatch DL (pause above knee and back to ground)


8 Standing Barbell Twists (you decide weight, L+R = 1 rep)


*Optional: OH Lunges



E. 3×6 Hang Muscle Snatch

F. Snatch from blocks (mid thigh) 7×2 (Power or Squat)

06 09 15