A. Clean pull: 5×3 @ 100% (clean)
B. Back squat – 5×4 @ 88%
C. 1 set of Max Mix Grip Pullups

D1. Hollow Hold seconds
D2. Plank Hold seconds
D3. Superman Hold seconds

Extra: Hang Snatch (above knee): 4×3 @ 73%


A. 2xKB DL: 5×8
B. Back squat – 4 x M10
C. 1 rep max supinated grip flex hang
D. same


Tracey (You all know her at TFoots) is moving to Utah at the end of the month!  Her last day at the box will be next Thursday 9/24.  We will have a going away dinner for her – please meet at Q-Shack in Durham at 7PM!

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