Here’s some information regarding this upcoming cycle that we are starting!


Are you squatting correctly?  Read this post to learn more.



A1. BS: 4 sets WU, 2×10 (60%+)  Goal today is to get a feel for how a few pretty heavy set of 10 BS feels.  Warm up as usual and add a WU set of 10 at 50%.  Then, hit 2 working sets somewhere north of 60%.  This may be 60% for some of you, or closer to 70% depending on your experience.  Either way, we want 2 heavy sets of 10.

A2. Pushups x 6 total sets.  Perform as many unbroken reps as possible without taking a pause in the plank.  Scale to hit at least 12 reps on first round.

B. 3 RFT:

Row 600/450m

7 FS from ground (185/115)

21 COVP Pullups.  Begin every set of pullups with a set of submaximal strict.  Finish with kipping (NOT BUTTERFLY) if you have them.

C*: 8 rds: {0:20/0:10}

CG-Pushup or CGBP





B. 3 RFT:

Row 600/450m

14 WB

21 KBS


This happened in Colorado over the weekend.  Congratulations, Dunsey and Meg!


Post loads, times, and comments.

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  • 10 19 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Congrats Sarah and Meg!

    A. 225, light sets today, 65 push-ups (4 sets)
    B. 14:48 rx

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