WOD 11 11 14


A. [10] 2 JDS + Jerk (6×1) increasing.  Focus is technique over load.
B. [12]: Set a 5RM PP
C. [12] Work to a heavy TnG Clean triple. No regripping at hips is desired.

D. AMRAP [8]:

7 Ring Pushups

2 C&J (Use a load ~80% of C)

Shuttle Run 100m



A. [10] Jerk (6×1) increasing. Focus is technique over load.
B. [12]: Work to a heavy set of 3 PP
C. [12] Deadlift: 4×5 Increasing
D. AMRAP [8]: 7 Deficit Pushups + 5 DL (from C) + Shuttle Run 100m

Shuttle Run 100m ~ Gym length x 4.  Must reach down and both hands must make contact with floor each turn.

JDS = Jerk Dip Squat.  Perform with control. Bar should not leave front rack.

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Video of the Day:

Om Yun CHOL (-56kg, DPRK) clean and jerking 168kg (exactly triple bodyweight) at the 2014 Weightlifting World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He won his 2nd straight World Championship after also winning the 2012 Olympic Games.  (You have to have FB to view this – and if you don’t, you should join FB just so you can watch this video).

For those of you counting, 370 lbs on the bar, and he weighs 123 lbs.

Om Yun CHOL (-56kg, DPRK) 168 kg (369.6 lbs) Clean and Jerk

11 11 14

5 thoughts on “11 11 14

  • 11 11 2014 at 7:59 am

    JDS = Jerk Dip Squat?

  • 11 11 2014 at 8:00 am

    Psyche – read the whole page. Got it

  • 11 11 2014 at 1:32 pm

    P – 2/2/3
    A. 145#. JDS definitely felt like they should be heavier, but obviously not the jerk. These felt pretty okay, given how long it’s been since I spent much time on them. I felt faster under the bar to be sure, tho I was too tight to drop as properly as I’d have liked.
    B. 120#. After A. this felt super heavy. I only had two sets in me.
    C. 135#. Continue to have grip issues with my wee hands, so lacking regrip messed with the mojo. Still happy with 135 though, despite how ugly they got.
    D. 4+9, 115#. Wow, have I ever had better days. Today was the first time I truly had a bad bail. All the overhead made a tricep fail as I dropped into a split jerk, and I failed poorly forward, and caught a bit of the bar on the ol’ melon. Nothing detrimental, but it definitely bruised my pride, and scared the bejeezus out of Roger. Live and learn, but man, I kinda like my head right where it is. Thanks to him and Daniel for shaking me out of it, and getting my bar reset.

  • 11 11 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Glad your noggin is ok Greg

    A. 143
    B. can’t remember….118?
    C. 153 (i was happy with this…the first attempt at this weight crashed me on my bottom on rep 2 but i stuck with it
    D. 5 @133

    Weight was crashing on my locked out arms all morning, can tell we(I) haven’t worked on heavy overhead stuff in a bit

  • 11 11 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Congrats to Wade for snatching his bodyweight today!

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