Holiday Schedule:

Wed 12/31: Closed

Thur, 1/1: Closed


WOD 12 29 14

A. BS (5×4) AHAP OR (1 Slow Snatch with pause: Slow from ground to mid thigh, full speed snatch after mid thigh) 7×1 @ 55%.  Tempo: 4 full seconds from ground to mid thigh.

B. 5 Rds:

1 set BP @ (74%).  *sub pushups if needed.

1 set K-Pullup (CTB if possible).  Scale down if any set drops below 7 reps.

1 u/b WB set.  The set is over if the ball stops moving.  This is not a ME set.  Maximize total reps over all rds.

Score is three parts: Total BP, Total K-PU, Total WB.

Rest as needed between rds.  Max rest between any two exercises is 3 minutes.

Extra: Perform the other part of A.


12 29 14