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WOD 03 20 13

A. Deadlift (5@65%, 5@70%, 5@75%).  See comments for details.

B. For time:

Run 800m

30 GHD Situps

90 Double Unders

Run 400m

30 GHD Situps

60 Double Unders

Run 200m

30 GHD Situps

30 Double Unders

Post times, loads, and comments.

Tony Deadlift Look left

03 20 13
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2 thoughts on “03 20 13

  • 03 19 2013 at 9:17 pm

    A. These are ‘bottomless’ deadlifts meaning we will not be touching the ground on each rep. You will be stopping JUST SHY OF THE GROUND on each rep and coming up AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. This means that you will have to rely on your hamstrings to stop the bar from going down (and not the ground)!

  • 03 21 2013 at 9:38 am

    A. Bottomless DLs are difficult! I am definitely feeling my hammies from this one this morning. Got up to 142#
    B. I am happy with my pace on the running and the GHDs, but my DUs still leave a lot to be desired. Got up to my 12th DU on my round of 60 at 20 minutes (1 round plus 12 DUs).

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