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A. [15] BS: 4×4 AHAP. Optional: Use chains.
B. [8] Good morning @ 2211; 5×3; rest 1 min
C. 5 RFT [C16]:
5 Thruster (145/100)
7 Strict CTB pull up
5 Squat Cleans (145/100)
7 CTB chin up

*D. Snatch Panda Pull (hi-hip) 6×3; rest 2 min – start @ 60% snatch 1RM and build up.

Extra WOD (AM): 12 rds: Row 500m @ 75% pace, rest walk (1:40)



A. same

B. same

C. 5 RFT [16]:
5 Thruster (95/65)
7 Strict pullups
5 BF-Burpees
7 Strict chin up


Extra: there will be additional work posted in the next few weeks for those looking to work out twice per day.  This work will be labeled “Extra WOD” and will state whether it should be done in the AM or PM.  The “Extra WOD” is meant if you plan to work out twice per day, as it is NOT meant to be done in one session with the primary WOD.  Anything labeled with an asterisk * is extra work  that meant to be performed immediately after the main WOD.


Note: Due to the WAR of the WODs competition, we will be closed next Sunday 1/18.  We have a total of 18 folks competing and we will be carpooling from the gym in the morning.  We would love for everyone to come out to Greensboro to cheer on your fellow RTPers!


Let’s do some community service!

Roadtrip to Greensboro next weekend!


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