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A. [12] Sq Clean + 3 FS – build to a max

B. FT [14]:

18-12-6 of PC&J 155/105

12-9-6 of MU

C1. 3 rds: {0:30/0:30} ME BF-burpees

C2. 3 rds: {0:30/0:30} ME T2B

D*. Bar rollouts: 10-15 total reps



A. [12] Power Clean + 2 FS – build to H1.  If clean technique is lacking, FS (6×4 sets across), then come to a clean clinic!

B. FT [14]: 21-15-9 of

Thruster (95/65) or C&J (115/75)

Pullups AND Dips.  I.e. Split up 21 pullups + 21 dips any how per round.

C/D*. same


AM (only do this if you’re 2x/day):

A. (Row 500m @70-75% +  rest walk 1 min) x 14

– Rest 3 min after 7 sets
– SAME pace per set

Post times, loads, and comments.

Athlete Profile: Beverly

Congratulations to Carly, Roger, Kris, and our friend Tommy for winning 1st place in the Rx division at Cupid’s Revenge this weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity this weekend!

2 weeks until the start of the Open!  Have you signed up?



Winter Storm Warning – check back on Monday night for possible Tuesday AM class cancellations.

02 16 15
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3 thoughts on “02 16 15

  • 02 16 2015 at 7:59 pm

    No excuses, right Lei?
    Hit the globo gym in my hotel in Austin, TX.
    I only had about 30 minites so I did A & B only.
    A. Worked up to 95# (woot woot!)
    B. Took me 14:30 with 65# and globo gym modified PUs and dips. A beefcake hopped onto my gear mid-wod so I think I could have hit 14:00 without the delay…

    • 02 17 2015 at 12:35 pm

      No excuses exactly!

      Nice job getting a workout in while traveling!

  • 02 16 2015 at 7:59 pm

    today was so much fun, all of it!! i might have even over heard a certain M1 say she had fun too 😉 rain, SNOW, or shine!!

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