A. BS: 5×7. Sets across: heavier than 04 06 15
B. 7 RNFT:

1 set u/b Pushups (Scale to hit >8 reps each set)

1 Seated L-Rope Climb (10′).  Feet leaves floor before butt.

20 DU (Adv: 20 u/b)

C. FT: 100 R-KBS (53/35) + 100 Hollow Rocks.  Split up and complete in any order.

D. (Extra) FT: 20-15-10-5: Straight bar dips and shoulder touches (facing wall)

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our party on Saturday!

Kim’s going to Regionals and you can support her by purchasing a “Team Kim 2015” shirt!  All funds will go toward her competition costs.


04 20 15