A. BS: 3×6


B. 3RFT [T10/C12]:

Run 400m

10 C&J (135/95) (PC ok)


*C. Work to H1 Halting Squat Snatch (2 sec pause @ BTK)


*if time allows/otherwise extra



A. same


B. 3RFT, [T10/C12]:

Run 400m or Row (500m/350m)

10 DB Hang Squat Thrusters (45/30)


*C. Work to a H5 of (SnGp PP + 5 OHS)

08 22 16

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  • 08 22 2016 at 1:19 pm

    I’ll be at the gym at 4pm to do part C before the 430pm class so anyone who wants to join is welcome.

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