q(0:45) x 6 rds [18]

A1. 1 set of Kipping (6-20) or Strict CTB Pullup (3-7 reps).  If your kipping skill needs work, use this time to work on it.

A2. Single Legged KB DL (6 reps – right)

A3. SDHSPU (you pick the deficit, 3-7 reps)

A2. Single Legged KB DL (6 reps – left)


B. (P) Work to H1 3-position Snatch

B. (F) Work to H3 T&G DL


C. 3 Rds [10]: 15-12-9

Power Snatches (you chooee the weight)/Thrusters/FS (95/65)

AD Cals (AD preferred) / Row Cals

Rest 1:30 after each round.


*D1. Lateral DB shoulder raises 3×10.

*D2. DB Hammer curls 3×8 each arm. (not a joke)

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