Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


A. Teams of (2):

Run 400m (together)

75 K-Pullups (or 50 Strict)

75 Pushups

75 Gobble Squats

Run 400m (together)

50 K-Pullups (or 35 Strict)

50 Pushups

50 Front Squats (95/65)

Run 400m (together)

25 K-Pullups (or 20 Strict)

25 Pushups

25 Squat Cleans (135/95)

….but don’t drop the turkey!*


run sub: 200m Run = 8 Assault Cals


*Each team is responsible for 1 turkey (30/20 Slamball). Once the clock begins, the turkey must be held (anyhow) by either partner and must never be put down for the entire workout, including the run. If the turkey is dropped, the team must stop and perform 30 Gobble Squats.


*Gobble squat =  Goblet Squat holding your turkey!

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