A. q(2:30) x 7
Squat Snatch

B. 5 RFT
100m double DB FC 50/35s
10 GHDSU or V-ups
10 DL 225/155
*the prerequisite for doing GHDSU in a metcon is 15 u/b T2B. If you are sore from Wednesday DLs lower the weight or go with another movement such as KBS

Extra: 10 rounds
500m Row + 50% of sHSPU max


A. q(2:30) x 7
3 BTN Snatch Grip PP + 3 OHS

B. 5 RFT
100m double DB FC
10 V-ups or 15 ABMSU
10 DL (bar, KB, or KBs)
*moderate load on the DL where 10 u/b reps can be completed but may be difficult on rounds 3-5

11 26 21

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