A. Snatch: Work to H1, then 85%, 90% of H1.


B. FS: Work to H1, then 85%, 90% of H1


C. FT [C8]: 21-15-9 of:
Full Snatch (95/65)


D*. 5 sets MU: target
5x 60% of your best unbroken Muscle up set, rest 2 minutes between sets



A. 3 SnGp PP + 3 OHS: 6 sets. Increase weight as much as form allows.


B. FS: Establish a 3RM FS, then (2×2 @ 90% of 3RM)


C. FT [C8]: 33-22-11 of
1A DB Hang Power Snatch* (35/25)
Air Squats

*Power or Muscle Snatch from Hang position (Mid Thigh). Alternating arms each rep is not required.


February Extra Credit Challenge


Sua Sponte Games Recap


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