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P A. OTM [4]: SqCl Thruster (build to a H2-T&G) B. OTM [3]: SqCl Thruster (build to a H1) C. [15] Mid thigh clean pull + mid thigh clean (from blocks) (1+1)x4 D. 4 Rds (build load each set): 2

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2 more folks (Kim and Smitti) joined the bodyweight snatch club this past week! Schedule Update!   If you want to improve your snatch, come to our Snatch clinic today at 6:30PM!   WOD 04 15 14 A. (Hang Squat

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Congratulations to Kim who placed 2nd in the individual female Rx competition this Saturday at “Carolina Capitol City Clash” at Raleigh CrossFit on Saturday! ┬áThe top 5 females made the cut for the final WOD. ┬áKim entered the final WOD