Happy Thanksgiving!


Today’s schedule: 9AM.  All other classes cancelled.


A. T(3), AMRAP [40]

Row 750m

6 sets of Strict Pullups or Strict MU (shoot for “moderate” to “big” sets. A drop from set 1 to 2 is ok)

6 sets of Bench Press or Pushups

Row 750m

60 DL (135/95)

30 Squat Cleans (135/95)

Run 400m with a “Turkey”

P: HS Walk 100′ total, F: Bear Crawl 100′ total



B1. 3×12: Concentration Curls (each arm)

B2. 3×12: Dips or Standing DB Tricep extensions

B3. 3 sets: :10-:15 hollow hold

11 23 17

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