Carolina Fitness Challenge Recap:

I apologize for the long post in advance, but a lot of stuff happened Saturday and the atmosphere was electric.  Wish everyone could have made it out but here’s how our athletes did.

Event 1: (Ring dips, Squat Cleans – you guys performed this workout on Friday).  Kris got done with her dips about 2 min in, and Kim followed quickly after.  Carly had some trouble locking out her ring dips (elbow issues) and fought through these at a steady pace.  Kris went through all cleans choosing to do her reps in triples, while we decided that Kim should drop the bar after each clean, minimizing rest between reps.

E1 results:

  • Kim (63 reps, 4th place/48)
  • Kris (59 reps, 7th place/48)
  • Carly (27 reps, 29th place/48)

Event 2: (Max height box jump) Exactly 1 minute after Event 1, each athlete was given 4 minutes to establish a max height box jump (this is clearly sub-optimal for all athletes, given that their legs were fried at this point).  They were also able to perform air squats in the last 30 seconds to break any ties in the box jump height.  Kris hit 41.5″ (she actually managed to get on top of 42.5″ with 30 seconds to go (but wasn’t able to stick the landing) and elected to do the air squats.  Kim hit 39″ (actually hit 40″ – did the same thing as Kris).  Even though this workout favored the taller athlete (long legs = higher hip starting position) Carly (all 5″1′ ?? of her) managed to hit 41″ cleanly and separated herself from the other 41″s by squatting 32 times in 30 seconds.

E2 results:

  • Kris (41.5″, 35 squats, 13th/48)
  • Carly (41″, 32 squats, 16th/48)
  • Kim (39″, 29 squats, 21st/48)

Event 3: Run 50 yards, fetch a ball, run back to your judge.  Yawn.

E3 results:

  • Kim (16.56, 15th/48)
  • Kris (17.22 seconds, 21st/48)
  • Carly (17.34 seconds, 22nd/48)

Event 4: AMRAP 10 min:

1-2-3… of

Shoulder to Overhead (165/115)


This workout was meant to separate the athletes based on overhead strength, since this load was nearly bodyweight for many of the athletes.  No racks were allowed, so athletes had to clean the bar after every drop.  Final score was total reps performed.

E4 results:

  • Kris (122 reps, 2nd/48)
  • Kim (95 reps, 6th/48)
  • Carly (63 reps, 16th/48)

Final WOD: The top 15 women moved onto this WOD.  Going into the final WOD, Kris was 5th overall and Kim 7th.

15 min CAP:

200 Double Unders

100 Double KB Front Squats (106, 70)

50 Double KB Snatches (106, 70)

25 Double KB Thrusters (106/70)

*I will refrain from making any comments about the design of this WOD.

Kris started this off with 125 unbroken DU and was the first to the KB Front Squats.  Kim was only 15-20 seconds back going into the FS.  For the next 10-12 minutes, we watched athletes squat KBs and struggle with maintaining an upright torso and elbow position and legs that had been through 4 WODs already.  Neither Kris nor Kim had done double KB snatches before and both were able to perform them in sets of two and three by the end of the WOD.  That was spectacular.  Kris led this workout the entire way (and won it) – 1st through the DU, and 1st through the FS.  Kim finished 5th in this final WOD.


When the dust finally settled – the Final Standings (out of 48 women) were:

  • Kris (4th overall)
  • Kim (7th overall)
  • Carly (21st overall)

I want to personally thank everyone who came out and showed your support for our athletes (M1, Rob, Annette, Ashley, Murph, Lori, Dena, Dunsey, JTurp, D$, Phil, Meaghan).  It was a long and exhausting day for these guys and they all appreciated the support.  As far as individual performances go: I saw Kris turn on another gear for her final workout that I’ve only seen once before (Open WOD 12.5).  For Kim, she surprised even herself with how well she performed given that this was her first individual CrossFit competition (and she thought she was done after WOD 4!).  And Carly – we all know Carly is a bonifide rockstar and even though she hit a little bump in the first WOD (when she tested this workout she got through all her dips in 2:11), she battled back hard and finished in the top half of women.  They all pushed hard today and I’m damn proud of each of them.

*Thanks to Annette (photo of Carly is courtesy of Annette) and Ashley for taking some great photos during the day, and special thanks to the guy with the knee brace who I asked to kneel down to take our picture (D-move).


What a weekend.  There are more competitions in upcoming months including The CF Games Open and some other local competitions (within driving distance).  I highly encourage everyone (no matter your skill level) to consider entering a competition at some point this year.  It will put your training in focus and you’ll probably have a lot of fun!  There are almost always scaled divisions as well as masters (age class) men and women divisions.  Email us if you are considering it and we’ll help you pick one out!


WOD 01 14 13

A1. Back Squat (3@63%, 3@72%, ME@81%) using (1RM+10lbs)

A2. Pullups/MU

B. GHR’s (2×10) AHAP

C. FT:

9-6-3 Hang Squat Snatches (135/95)*

21 DU (Adv: u/b)

*Sub (2 OHS per HSS)

Post times, loads, and comments.

CFC2012 RTP Group Pic1

CFC2012 RTP Group Pic2

CFC2012 Kris DoubleKB Squat

CFC2012 Kim Double Under

CFC2012 Carly Box Jump



01 14 13
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  • 01 13 2013 at 9:46 pm

    Congratulations Kris, Kim, Carly. Sounds like you gave it your all!!

  • 01 13 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Lori, your brother and I decided that Kris should be given some type of award for slaying (and finding!) a pink tiger.

  • 01 13 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Shout out to misty, Seth and carter who made an appearance too!

    Donny’s wife (I think?) found the other pink tiger, she had matching tape!

  • 01 14 2013 at 10:27 am

    congrats to all three ladies! awesome job, and very inspirational!

  • 01 14 2013 at 11:20 am

    Nice work Kris, Kim, and Carly!

  • 01 14 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Congrats to our women who competed. You’re role models for the rest of us!

    • 01 14 2013 at 7:47 pm

      And Lei, really nice recap. Thanks.

  • 01 14 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Worked with/against Lei at the 5:30 Federation class. As usual, this helped me push my numbers to levels I wouldn’t be able to obtain on my own.
    A1. 12@ 245
    A2. 12 pullups, 2 deadhang muscle ups, 1 DH MU
    B. Got about 20 total, 5 with the purple band (oof)
    C. 10:44?, Rx Adv (missed more snatches than I should have)
    Mostly paleo dinner featureing:
    Cashew curry cauliflower (cooked in coconut milk and alliteration). Stew beef. Fish oil.

    • 01 14 2013 at 8:52 pm

      Alliteration is delicious!

  • 01 14 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Side note — if you ever have the unique opportunity to get in on some dunsey air-face-hump action (note second group picture) take full advantage. It’s an amazing experience.

    • 01 14 2013 at 10:19 pm

      Also notice Kristen’s facial expression.
      Also notice Lori’s facial expression.

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